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Gudgeons Prentice


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This Firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (No. 50329)   

Telephone: (01449) 613101   • Fax: (01449) 615087   • Email: info@gudgeons-prentice.co.uk

Gudgeons Prentice Solicitors, Buttermarket, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1ED

Welcome to Gudgeons Prentice

We are a long established firm, based in Stowmarket, in the heart of Mid-Suffolk. We began providing legal services back in 1821.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective legal advice in a friendly and accessible manner, and strongly believe that our clients deserve a good, personal service.

It is because of this fact that the majority of work we receive is generated from repeat business, and why some of our clients’ families have been with the firm for generations. We have also found that a large proportion of our existing clients are more than happy to recommend our services to their friends and relations.

At Gudgeons Prentice we pride ourselves that our clients are treated as individuals and that emphasis is placed on providing sensible cost-effective solutions to the problems they face.

Our People

Property (Residential and Commercial)

Robert Jackson, Solicitor and Senior Partner  

Lisa Warren, Solicitor and Partner

Gerry Lewis, Legal Executive

Lisa Lawley, Legal Executive

Katie Barker, Licenced Conveyancer

Wills and Probate

Michael Beresford, Solicitor and Consultant

Rhian Slattery, Solicitor

Kathryn Murray-Lacey, Solicitor

Sophie Last, Solicitor

Lois Robinson, Legal Executive

Matrimonial, Employment and Civil Litigation

Sue Lewis, Solicitor

Our Services